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Sidetrack from ZiWei:A Age of Young Men

Dear all, it has been quite a busy time for me this period, which explains my in activity on my website and forum. Do bear with me. I will try to answer all the emails as soon as i can.

But for today, just some thoughts on the Headlines of The Straits Times ( Singapore ). MM Lee Kuan Yew and SM Goh Chok Tong decided to step down from their posts yesterday.

When i read this, it brings to mind that this is Period 8 , which to people who practises fengshui will know it as youngest man in the family, a mountain covered with mist, etc To me, it is just a Age of young men. Since starting of early 2000, this age his started, which showed a renewal of young man showing up on the world stage as well as all aspects of life, and will last till another 10 years +

Period 8 has a direction, which stands for North-East, which many will point and say that part of the world will start to prosper from early 2000s..

Just some random thoughts.

Anyone interested to know more can ask me over the forum or email.

I will try to reply soon.

Starting of posts for pointers on Stars and Chart reading

I will be trying to impart more knowledge about star characteristics and chart reading over the course of this whole year. Committing a post to a star and adding more infor so that everyone can get a better understanding of the stars and reading of a chart.

I will advise everyone to read through the basic material posted on the site on “Stars” and ‘chart reading’ first, as i m adding on to those knowledge posted earlier.


Starting of the Forum

The forum has been started. This will enable anyone with burning questions about ziwei doushu to post and i will try to answer them as best as i can.

I have started a few topics today, with more to come.

Do drop in the forum and read them and ask questions if you feel like it.


Reading 紫微 Charts

Today, 2 new parts are added to the website:

1. Special Scenarios

2. How to read a ZiWei DouShu Chart

With the addition of these 2 parts, visitors will be able to put all together and do a basic read of his/her chart.

I have not gone into how to plot charts in this website. Many students will not be able to last the whole process of learning how to plot a chart and later learn the stars and after that how to read a chart. Chart plotting are mostly computerised nowadays, and i believe the most important aspect of 紫微 is to learn the stars and subsequently how to read a chart. After that, i believe most students will want to learn to plot the chart if they get this far.

Armed with the knowledge of the ‘Stars’, the next step is to read a chart. Before moving into it, i think students must understand the words “命運”, ” Life, Luck “.

or Life: That is what we are born with. In 紫微, it means the Life chart that one generates when one is born, based on the Date of Birth and Time of Birth. This is the 12 sector chart that is generated which shows the major aspects of one’s life. But this is One’s Potential , whether one can do ‘Well’ in Life. When and where, it will depend on 運, Luck.

or Luck : This is the Ten Year Luck that is reflected in the 紫微 chart. It shows how the person will do in the Ten year period. This is the most important part to understand. It shows what is happening in the ten year period and what will happen.

With this introduction, i hope readers can get a good insight after going through this site.

If anyone wants to plot his/her chart, you can email me, and i will try to plot it for you within a week.


A new beginning with 紫微 ( ZiWeiDouShu ) – how to use this site

This site was started as a means for people to understand 紫微, and gain the basic knowledge to progress further in thoughts and understanding in this topic.

You should start reading from ‘about Zi Wei Dou Shu‘:

Introduction to a 紫微 chart gives you a framework to understand what 紫微 is about. What a chart looks like, and what the courts in each chart means.

Next is Basic rules in chart analysis: this gives you a rough idea how to read a chart without knowing the details of the stars in the courts of each charts.

The next part to progress to are the Stars themselves. Under “Stars”, I gave a rough understanding what the starts in  紫微 are and how to interpret them.

The tough part usually is to understand the meaning of the stars and to have a clear idea what each star means, and most students do not have the patience to sit down and slowly digest the meaning of the stars. The starting may be abit ‘dry’ , but we must have a clear understanding of the stars before we can move further in understanding of this topic.

I am free to take any questions if you have any and i hope everyone gains a better understanding of this topic.

Presently, there are a few ‘schools’ of 紫微, and it may seem confusing to all. But lets get back to basics.  紫微 is a study based on stars, and before we start discussing about ‘schools’ in 紫微, i believe we must first understand what each star mean in紫微 reading. Once you can get this done, you will find that ‘schools’ per se may not be that important anymore.


Welcome to

Our website is pretty new and we are currently still undergoing new design additions. Please feel free to let us know if you have comments.

Thank you