Life Chart Reading

Analysis of Life Chart

Armed with all the information of the site, you will be prepared to make a analysis of a life chart. A life chart  looks like the below, and based on the date and time of birth, all the stars must be plotted into the chart. I have not wrote about plotting of stars in this book. The most important aspect is to understand the stars and how to interpret the chart. Plotting of the chart is computerized nowadays, and can be obtained through certain websites on the internet.

Over the next 3 chapters, I will run through the essential steps in analyzing the life chart:

we must understand that about身宫: this court will tell us what the person’s focus in life will be, roughly from 30s onwards..

We look at the various sectors from ,, , , etc to find out what the person’s parents, mental health, property, work, etc is like based on the stars inside the sectors.

One point to note is that the stars in the various sectors shows the potential of the sector, and we usually look at the more important courts of work ,external court , wealth  ,

to see the Potential of these courts which directly affect the outcome of this person’s life.

Thus, with the Life chart, we have the POTENTIAL of the of the person, but what then determines the outcome of a person’s life?

The answer is the LUCK PERIODS.

Now lets move to the next chapter……