Yearly Luck Reading

To find out what the year ‘luck’ or what the year will be like, we will simply look at the stars in the sector. If this is the year of the rat, we will look at the rat sector, analyse the stars within the sector, and it will tell us what the year will roughly be like. If the rat sector has eg; , we will analsye it as such: the ‘mouth star’ and its brightness is level 4. This year will have issues of the ‘mouth’, more gossips, more problems arising from people’s problems. As the level is brightness 4, most of the issues will turn out fine, but after much talking/persuasion. But the year luck is simply a modification of the 10 year luck. It means the 10 year luck plays a more important role than the yearly luck. eg, If the person has a ‘good’ 10 year luck star like 武曲 level 5 brightness, it means the person can earn good money for the 10 years. The yearly luck will change according to each year passing, but the main emphasis is still good money luck, but each year brings on more variety to the scenario. If the yearly luck has level 4 brightness, then it means more talk, possibly more gossips, more problems solved by talking, and in the meantime, the person can earn good money by using the ‘mouth’, or through back end planning, in the backgound, as is a dark star and generally menas nagivating/planning in the ‘dark’ or back end work.

If it is the rabbit year, we will look at the stars in the rabbit year, etc