火贪 or 铃贪

火贪 or 铃贪 :

This is a combination of 火星 and or 铃星and . This scenario was actually mentioned earlier. This is a combination that can create a sudden explosive luck, eg sudden chance to obtain large amounts of money. This will also depend on the brightness of the stars,

thus more sudden luck if the stars are brighter.


If 火贪 or 铃贪occurs in the wealth sector: the analysis goes like this

The wealth sector shows us how our money is earned and spend, how much money can be spend. With the above scenario in the sector, we can conclude the person has very good money luck. He will have chance to have sudden explosive luck when it comes to money.

A certain characteristic of this scenario is that the money will come suddenly, in large amounts, especially if both the stars are level 5 brightness. But, the money has a tendency to leave suddenly as well. Thus money must be managed well after the sudden money luck.