Two Additional Stars (天马, 禄存)

These two stars are the last 2 stars that we will look into.

: This star will only be found in 寅, 巳,申, 亥.

This star actual describes a horse. Like a horse, it is always on the move, a free spirit.

Whichever sector it falls into, it will impart this character to it.

The star is considered the same brightness in any of the 4 sectors.


If is found in the work sector: the analysis goes like this,

The work sector tells us how a person works, what the work place is like. Here with in it, it shows that the person’s work will most probably involve travelling. He will need to move about in his work. Unlikely to be in a deskbound job. But, it can mean the person’s work has a unsteady component to it. If the person’s work does not involve movement/ travelling, this unsteady component will be more obvious in the work.

: This is known as a small ‘money god’.

It will not give a person lots of money, but will provide enough for a person to ‘eat,live’ adequately.

The star has a character that is conservative (non-risk taking), stingy (very careful with money, not willing to spend, a bit self-centred).

When in a sector,it will make the sector conservative, provide enough. But if in the company of bright stars, it will make the star conservative, and thus the stars will not perform as well, indirectly reducing the ‘brightness’ of the star. In the company of dim stars, it’s conservative nature will help this dim stars instead and provide enough for the sector.

It can be considered having same brightness in any sector.

It is always found in the sector behind 擎羊 and infront of .


Special scenario:

There is a special scenario when both and is found in the same sector. Here we have a star that is constantly on the move together with a conservative star that does not want to move. If both these stars occur together, there will be wealth to obtain. Unlike when there is only , where the wealth is limited.